Sunday, August 30, 2009

Live High

So i'm on a new quest, that being to learn French. I feel like i should know how to speak french, specially since in two years i'm traveling through Europe. I wanna see Paris, London, Amsterdam, Barcelona, Venice etc etc . i wanna see ...everything and meet everyone aha if that is even possible, but i will try!!

Can't wait to see the world!!
Song: Paolo Nutini -Rewind
P.S: There is no other film that best describes me and my feelings about the world like Amelie. This film makes everything alright.
P.S.S: Jason Mraz + Dave Mathews Band = Highlight of Outside Land's music festival in S.F, CA


  1. I'LL GO WITH YOU!! let's go traveling and band member hunting eheh x) 8D

  2. aha yes!!! band member? as cabras da minha avo need new band members :-p

    u have to come with me and my friend beth were going on a roadtrip next yr to florida and the other yr to california!! then its Europe!! ahh