Sunday, September 20, 2009

New Music

Wavves are a fresh new band from San Diego, Cali. Their sound is unique and it offers a mix of lo-fi and punk influences. Its sound is nostalgic and reminds us of our own drugged and dazed out days.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Maybe i'm Amazed..

Roz Raskins and the Rice Cakes were one of the 3 bands that played last night at the 193 Degree Coffeehouse. They completly blew the crowd away. Roz Raskin's voice was emotionally charged, touching every single person in the audience.

One of my favorite things to do is definately going to local shows, the local bands never seize to amaze me. It's just proves to me that there are definately very good bands out here in Rhode Island. If only more people stopped and listened to the great music that is being played.

Monday, August 31, 2009

Cage The Elephant

Saw this band at Outside Lands music festival and i'm in love. The lead singer hypnotizing moves has people talking and questioning his sanity. You can tell how much he loves doing what he's doing. They are definately one of those bands that you know , that they truly care about the music and not the fame.

....They're a breath of fresh air

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Live High

So i'm on a new quest, that being to learn French. I feel like i should know how to speak french, specially since in two years i'm traveling through Europe. I wanna see Paris, London, Amsterdam, Barcelona, Venice etc etc . i wanna see ...everything and meet everyone aha if that is even possible, but i will try!!

Can't wait to see the world!!
Song: Paolo Nutini -Rewind
P.S: There is no other film that best describes me and my feelings about the world like Amelie. This film makes everything alright.
P.S.S: Jason Mraz + Dave Mathews Band = Highlight of Outside Land's music festival in S.F, CA

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Why can't we just rewind

Last week of summer vacation. Reality begins Monday, New semester, hopefully a new job. Life of an adult isn't easy, but then again, life is what we make of it. School and work , it all seems so superficial and unimportant. Life has to be more than that, but then again it isn't .. at least not at the moment.....

Need time to put things in perspective....
Song: Marit Larsen- If a Song Could Get Me You
Film: Ghost World

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Art B*tch

Art is the easiest way to express myself. there's nothing better than to completly lose yourself with paint, even if it has no meaning at all for someone else. Just something for you.

Self-expression is what makes you, you. Without individualism and expression who are we? it's sad that sometimes real life takes away from it, but we just have to sit back and look at things the same way we did as children. No sterotypes, no pre-conceptions, just appreciating the life that we sometimes seem to forget, the little things that matter.

Song: I'm Bored, You're Amorous- Dear and the Headlights

Flowers for my Brain

Summer's almost over, can't believe classes start in 3 weeks :-/

so the plan is to enjoy these 3 weeks to the fullest!

NYC in a couple of days, Six Flags and a few drunken Parties should do.

Song: You're so last Summer- Taking Back Sunday

Film: (500) Days of Summer

Dream a little dream of me

It's Summer 09 and my motto this summer is try new things, so why not start a blog?

everyone seems to be doing so. It does sound all a bit egotistical, me rambling on about myself and things i care about

but again Why not? So this is my blog, where i ramble on and on about anything that is in my head :D

Is it Progression if a Cannibal uses a fork?

Chiodos always seem to have the most interesting song titles from all the bands i've come across to, which is only a small part of what makes them great. Craig Owens is definately a big part of their success and with the announcement of his solo EP release on September 15th they are sure to reach a larger audience.

Chiodos were definately one of the highlights of this summer's Warped Tour, and hopefully the solo project won't disappoint